It's not where you boat,
It's who you boat with


At BoatBuddy, we're not just redefining yacht experiences; we're setting sail on a mission. Our story is woven with waves of passion, a desire for connection, and a solution to a problem that made us say, "Let's do this!"

We're a service where shared yacht experiences meet personalised connections. Our platform connects individuals based on shared interests, creating tailored yacht outings that cater to every taste and preference. Whether you're seeking relaxation, adventure, or a lively atmosphere, BoatBuddy brings people together for unforgettable adventures.

Our Hardcore Love for Connection

Born out of a deep love for boats and the sea, BoatBuddy was founded by Ari, a Miami enthusiast who traded boardroom meetings for boat decks. After navigating the choppy waters of traditional yacht rentals, Ari envisioned a space where the sea could be enjoyed by all, not just the privileged few. A place to build connections and enjoy everyday activities in a new setting.

Stick it to the Yachting Norms

Sailing against the current

Yachting was a world of exclusivity and high costs, leaving individuals and small groups stranded on the shore. Booking a full yacht for a day? It felt as outdated as a ship without sails. Enter BoatBuddy, ready to cut through the BS of organizing and redefine the rules of the yachting game.


Our Solution: Affordable yacht experiences for everyone

BoatBuddy is the remedy. No more hefty bills for an entire yacht; instead, you pay a reasonable cost for your seat. Our pooling system makes yachting accessible, connecting like-minded individuals and small groups. Say goodbye to the wrong company on board; our best-match algorithm ensures you sail with those who share your passion and similar interests.

Dedicated to Hardcore Adventurers

We're the BoatBuddy team.

World leading experts in marketplace, B2C, tech and yachting, we've set sail to create a community where passion meets the sea. Whether you're a solo sailor or part of a group, we've got your back, ensuring every BoatBuddy journey is one to remember. We’re all in.

Join BoatBuddy and be part of a community that turns yachting into a shared experience.