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Brand Partner

Unlock a world of possibilities by becoming a brand partner with BoatBuddy. Join us in redefining shared experiences and enjoy a range of benefits that elevate your band and boost your business.

Why join our partner program


Benefit: Enhance customer trust and transparency by featuring your brand alongside BoatBuddy's in cross-promotional campaigns.

Why: Access a new audience, showcase your offerings, and build credibility through strategic cross-promotions that maximize visibility

Co-branded promotions

Benefit: Increase brand visibility with co-branded materials, from banners to digital assets.

Why: Leverage our marketing prowess to create compelling content that drives traffic, enhances user experience, and boosts sales.

Co-branded events

Benefit: Collaborate on joint events aboard our yachts, showcasing your products or services in a unique setting.

Why: Create memorable experiences, strengthen brand recognition, and establish meaningful connections with potential and existing customers.

Revenue share

Benefit: Earn for every booking with a unique partnership code, incentivising partnership growth.

Why: Drive revenue while offering your audience exclusive discounts, fostering loyalty and encouraging repeat business.

Become a Brand Partner